I play soccer. Professionally. I’m pretty decent.

I write. I want to be a writer after my career is over.

I read. Because I enjoy it and I learn what good writing looks like.

I laugh. At my own jokes. Probably not at yours.

I do other things. I’m president of a girls soccer club. I picked my title. And I am Editor in Chief of a women’s soccer magazine. I picked that title too.

I’m cool. I’m corny. And sentimental. I want people to love soccer. Or at least be exposed to the sides that are lovable. Not the abusive coaches, the nagging parents, the politics or the unrealistic expectations set by the world. They will experience those things regardless. But is there enough love for the game that all that is overlooked? That’s what I experienced. I hope others can too.

My blog is a mix of a lot of things. Maybe even something for you.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Tiffany,
    I love your blog–it is so inspriational and related to a movie we made about the fight to play women´s soccer in Argentina.
    I am the director of a documentary about women’s football (soccer) in Argentina called “Goals for Girls: A story of women with balls” that shows how young women fight on and off the field to play a sport they love but that is considered off limits to them by society.
    I would love to send you an email about our project.


    Thank you, Ginger Gentile co-director “Goals for Girls”

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