A Finntastic Weekend

As we drove up the winding, snowy hills to our destination, a few things were immediately obvious. 1. We weren’t going shopping in any kind of downtown Helsinki coffee shop infested areas 2. It was borderline creepy how smoothly we were driving on so much snow and 3. Any minute now we would run into a huge candy cane sign that said “North Pole”. But whatever. We didn’t care. We just wanted to get to our beds ASAP. We had left Hjørring at 2pm and arrived to the training center at 2am. Twelve-hour travel days are the best.

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A Conversation With Your Next Week Self

As I was sitting on the plane from Newark to Amsterdam, beginning my journey back to Hjørring for the second part of the season, so many thoughts went through my head. I was having what I like to call unorganized thoughts, or mixed emotions.

For the most part in my life, I know what I feel when I feel it, and usually my emotions have been on par to the situation at hand. If I score a goal or we win a game, I'm happy; if I lose something I'm frustrated with myself; if I don't finish a workout I'm disappointed in myself etc.

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Wash Away

Single digits. Anyone who has been away from home for an extended amount of time knows that the words "single digits" have several meanings.

1. It means you are really close to going home

2. It means you are going to have to leave behind people and a place that, regardless if you loved it or hated it, changed your life forever.

3. And time goes by.... so slowly.

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Fair Weather Friends...Not Family

Let me begin by saying that despite popular belief, the sun does come out in Denmark. Since the creation of the sun in Denmark in May of 2012, life has changed and my opinion of Life in this Northern Town has changed.

People are coming out of their winter hibernation (which is very noticeable because of the blindingly white Danish skin), the trees and flowers are in full bloom and the cats no longer need my shelter from the weather. (cannot express how used I feel)

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