Fair Weather Friends...Not Family

Let me begin by saying that despite popular belief, the sun does come out in Denmark. Since the creation of the sun in Denmark in May of 2012, life has changed and my opinion of Life in this Northern Town has changed.

People are coming out of their winter hibernation (which is very noticeable because of the blindingly white Danish skin), the trees and flowers are in full bloom and the cats no longer need my shelter from the weather. (cannot express how used I feel)

Also, because of our location in the world, the sun is out most of the day. Sunrise - 4:36 am.. Sunset - 9:30pm. And this will continue to get longer as we get closer to summer.

Okay enough about the weather. Let's get into it.

The past few weeks have been flying by. People always say that time flies when you're having fun and I guess that's one way to look at it. But I also think that if you're using your time wisely and not wasting it making gourmet meals for cats, then it goes "faster" too.

We have played two games since my last blog - a win and a loss. The loss means that we can only win the league if Brondby loses points in their next match. If not, the best we can finish is second. But that's not a guarantee. So, we have our work cut out for us in our last two games of the season against Skovbakken and Brondy.

Off the field, there have been many new activities. Like... Tanning on the turf field. Tanning on the beach. Eating ice cream at the famous "blue house" because it has "guf" which you need to try.

About the blue house... there are several different color houses on the beach that sell ice cream. But the line for the blue one is cray cray. Why? Because the blue one has "the best ice cream". The real reason why? There is none. I imagine it's the same reason people go to Starbucks over getting coffee at the gas station... even though it tastes the same. (Yeah Starbucks coffee tastes like shit).  It's just because the blue house is famous.

And a quick FYI ... I read online that Danes eat more ice cream per year than any other country in the world... and they have the shortest summer. Come on Americans! We have to be first in everything!

Anyway. List time.

Things I've learned - 5/28/12

1. Watching spiders grow doesn't have the same "aww" effect as watching

babies grow.

2. Oreos + peanut butter + fluff  = TRY IT!

3.  Ground pork, beef, veal and chicken all look the same.

4. In Denmark, the green grass really does grow all around.

5. And finally, for now, it takes two to tango... in case you weren't sure.

... aside from continually learning, I realized I have less than two weeks left until my summer break.

Denmark has been quite a treat, but I am definitely ready for some home time... especially being with the fam.

You see, there's just something about your family that no one will ever understand. It's not that they're perfect or anything, but they just know you in a way that no one else can ever know you... and they love you in a way that no one else will ever understand. It's almost like I walk through the door of my house and breathe a big sigh of relief because the weight of missing them and worrying about them is off my shoulders. And you know that goes both ways.

Simply put, life is easy when I'm with them.  And I can't wait to be back in a place where my mom still tells me to be careful every time I leave the house and my cats will love me no matter what the weather is like!