List of Ridiculousness (Part 2)

Since the last time I wrote List of Ridiculousness (which wasn't really ridiculous), many things have happened in my life and with that said, I'd like to present to you, List of Ridiculousness Part 2 (which isn't really ridiculous).  Yes, go get your coffee.. it will be here when you get back. 

Here we go:

1. Add more music to your life, no matter what you're doing 

2. If they're on TV watch documentaries on history, life, science and sharks... that kill everyone  and everything 

3. You're probably useless if you don't sleep or eat properly .. so, yeah. 

4. Texting someone "hug" really isn't the same guys .. open those arms

5. Buy the coolest pair of sunglasses you can find and don't stop looking in the mirror 

6. If people embraced everything as much as they do pumpkin spiced latte's, life would be amazing

7. Usually people aren't mad at you, so don't take their dirty looks personally (people have bad days)

8. If you're an asshole people probably are mad at you though :) 

9. Finding your "zone" is awesome and all, but you gotta remember how you got there, so you can get there again

10. Figure out your weaknesses.. work on them 

11. Say the good things you're thinking too ... not just the bad ones 

12. Buy new socks more than you need to 

13. "Find some inspiration, it's down deep inside of you"

14. When you think you can't take anymore... don't think that. 

15. There will be people in your life worth putting time into... and people who will never change no matter what you do, it's not easy, but try to know the difference between the two

16. If you are on social media and you like something write it, like it, love it. Let someone know you're thinking about them. Even for a second. 

17. If people think you're funny, KEEP THEM IN YOUR LIFE FOREVER 

18. Buy presents for people  - even a pack of gum goes a long way kids

19. Write down things you think and feel .You'll want to remember them one day. And the new technological life we live in makes it easy to forget, because we process so much. 

20. Learn the lyrics. If you're with a group of people and you can spit lyrics, that's hot. No matter what song. 

21. If you need Instagram to make your life look cooler, you're doing something wrong 

22. Right... take more pictures 

23. Make a list of things you've always wanted to do (send it to me if you want) 

24. If you don't love what you do, why the eff are you doing it still? 

25. If you need a roommate, make sure they like cooking or washing the dishes... whichever you don't like doing

26. Car speakers are meant to be played loud - just saying - the volume wouldn't go up that high if it was a bad idea

27. Read a book. Like, go get one today. 

28. Learn to say hello and thank you in a different language... sometimes that's all you'll get to say to people.. they'll think you're really smart.  "Danke" 

29. If you're not on Twitter yet - wait, what? You're not?

30. Be better to people you can't stand. Just a little better. A tiny bit. 

31. Don't let your parents make your room into an office or gym after you move out -you'll be back

32. Don't let your haters be your biggest motivation. They'll stop hating one day. Then what?

33.  If you wake up before 7 am , you have my permission to take a nap during the day, yes even at work

34. Still trying to give up coffee?? Silly wabbit. 

35. Love yourself. Unconditionally. 

36. Mistakes make you grow. Milkshakes make you go. 

37. How many calories did you burn/dollars did you make playing FIFA 2013? 

38. Patience is the key to living in a foreign country 

39. Massages. Go and get them. (yes, they should hurt a little)

40. Don't ever let go of your favorite hoody. You'll regret it. 

41. If you think you're surrounded by idiots, you might be. Solution? Do it yourself. 

42. Never underestimate the power of a good 80s love song. 

43. Be honest with your friends. If it looks bad, please tell them. Or I will. 

44. Anything is possible. 

I'll end it with that. I think that some times we forget simple things that don't seem so simple when we go through our every day lives. Simple? What does that even mean anymore. Everything has become so complex. Even the simple things... 

Regardless. Bring it back to the basics. We all know that the little things in life are the most important. We forget it sometimes, but that doesn't mean we don't know it. So try to keep the little things at the front of your brain. It's a busy highway up there. But the famous quote always says, "where does your mind go when it wanders?" 

Try to see where it goes. The big things will always get to you, good or bad. But be sure it's the little things that get you through each day. The little things, my friends, are usually in your control.