We Are Magic

If you're familiar with 80s music then maybe you know where my title came from. I had my iTunes on shuffle and this Olivia Newton-John song came on. I didn't even know it was on my iTunes at all. This line "you have to believe we are magic" really got me thinking. The idea that we are "magic" is more true than any other I have heard about the human race.

Magic: Dictionary DefinitionNoun: The power of influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces Adjective: Used in magic or working by magic; having or apparently having supernatural powers

Magic: My Definition I have found, and I'm sure many of you can relate, that we place limits on ourselves. Maybe we think something like "this is as good as I'm gonna get" or "I just can't do that".

But then one day we are able to do something we thought we couldn't.

So in my opinion, magic is the result of being strong, resilient, confident, hardworking, indestructible etc. Because all those things lead to that moment where something clicks and we have proven ourselves wrong.

After going in the ocean... which is one of my biggest fears. (Even if it was only a few steps)

I will never forget the first time I did the juggling trick called "around the world". It's stupidly hard when you're first learning it. Like "there is no way my leg can do that". I worked on it and asked questions about it for years. Literally, years.

It wasn't until 2008 (about 5 years after I started trying it) when I was playing in Brazil with some of the most technical players in the world that I finally saw what I was doing wrong and fixed it. I surpassed that level of "I can't do this". It was magic.

What constitutes magic for you won't be the same for the next person, because everyone is so different. Some people could do an "around the world" the first time they pick up a ball. But everyone's magic moment stems from a fear of not being able to do something. A fear that, maybe, it will never happen.

But if our deepest fear truly is that we are powerful beyond measure, then possibly our greatest pleasure is overcoming that fear.  Finding the magic within ourselves from a place that we don't always know exists could be not only an amazing accomplishment, but a feeling of empowerment that anything is possible.

I never forget that feeling of overcoming the seemingly impossible. For me, it truly was magic.

A big part of it is forgetting about everyone else and focusing on the pure joy of creating our own magic. When we break it down, the reason we strive to do something seemingly impossible is purely for our own satisfaction, not someone else's. We probably won't feel as great as we think after we have proven them right or wrong . We will feel better because we have proven to ourselves that anything is possible. 

So, thanks Olivia. You sparked a lot of thought in me today. And I too believe we are magic.

So with all of that said......"LET'S GET PHYSICAL, PHYSICAL..." JK.