Pow! Boom! Bam!

Every person who has a blog and hasn't blogged in a while starts it off with how busy they've been and how it's been so difficult to keep up with writing. Blahg, Blagh, Blagh.

I just didn't feel like writing until today. There. That's my only reason.

With that said, I've had tons of ideas run through my brain.  But the theme I'm going with today is humility.

Some who know me well might think this is a joke, because I come off so cocky and confident at times. Truthfully, that's one side of me. With the style of play I've developed (BAMF), I have to act that way to a certain extent. I'm not going to meg someone with the "oh, I hope this move works" attitude. So, at times it's hard to switch out of that mentality. (Yes, I know this contradicts most superheroes because they're BAMFs and then in real life they're dorky (sorry Bruce, sorry Clark). Wait, did I just compare myself to a superhero?


And this is why.

Like superheroes, athletes have been known to save the day. Look at Lionel Messi today in El Clasico.  He came out of nowhere to score the game-winner with three minutes to go in the game. He saved the day for Barcelona fans everywhere. As soccer players, we're given this opportunity every game we play in. Whether it's a finger -tip save, or a clearance off the line, or more obvious, the game-winning goal - no matter what, you can come up big for your team and save them.

Once you've done this a few times, people start to depend on you regularly. It becomes something expected. I had this in college and for a few teams after that, but not so much on the regular in my career. Which is fine, because I've learned to put my trust in others too. I've learned it's not always going to be about me all the time and it's not always my job to save the day. Duh, why do you think Batman brought in Robin? I doubt he wanted to share the success all the time, but he knew his limits and knew that he had to.  He knew that if he wanted to save the day (or win the game) he had to trust others.

And this is what I've learned in my life. Outside of soccer, it's great to take the world on going full speed on your own. But you're going to run out of gas sooner or later. You're going to need someone's help sooner or later. The faster you can admit this to yourself, the easier life becomes.

When you're watching a soccer game and a player gets to the end line with the ball, one of two things will happen : 1) the player will try to shoot from a ridiculous angle or 2) the player finds an open teammate in the box that can easily slide it home for a goal. The decision that's made in this instinct says a lot about the person. (Obviously if they mess up that's a different story about repetition during practices)

Humility; (noun) the quality or condition of being humble;  modest opinion or estimate of one's own importance, rank, etc.

It's not always about the things you do...  sometimes it's about the things you don't do. And knowing you can't do them.