Tuesdays with Tiff? On a Monday?

Since I've gotten several requests to blog more often because some people lay around under the covers all day waiting for me to blog, I've decided to please my crowd.

But I will say this, you're welcome Simba, you big complainer you.

Last time I wrote, I told you about all that crazy things I've been doing while I've been here. And this one won't be much different. We had a scrimmage on Saturday against one of the top teams in Sweden, Linkopings FC, and we beat them 1-0. It was cool to get a win against a quality team, especially considering it was the first time we all played together.

What else?

Lydia and I have hung out with the Australians quite a bit the last few days. They have thick accents that are very difficult to understand. I think I'll have a better chance learning Danish before I can understand them. But nevertheless, when I do understand them, they're pretty funny and let me say, they are in desperate need of Twitter followers. Please donate your time by clicking "follow" for these two: Leena Khamis and Kim Carroll.

If they don't live up to being funny, feel free to unfollow.

Anyway, I finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie this morning before my nap and after shedding a few tears, quickly started to reevaluate.

What did I learn from reading this book?

1. Don't work your life away.

2. Put time into people who are worth putting time into and make their lives better.

3. Enjoy the little things (this is something I am a firm believer in anyway, but wanted to reiterate it) But what does it really mean? Well, honestly, I don't need trips to Bali Bali to have a smile on my face. I've been known to get extra super happy just by the sound of my mom's car pulling in the driveway or when Rock the Casbah randomly comes on the radio. You can actually make your own day by making things big enough in your heart to make your day.

4. Let love in. Don't close people off. Not everyone deserves your love, I agree, but there are many who do, and they deserve at least a chance.

5. Forgive. Morrie says forgive yourself for not doing things the way you wanted to do them and forgive others. Don't hold on to that anger. It will eat you up.

And I have something to add to this. Just my own bit.

I know that it's easy for someone to sit behind a blog and lecture. Or give opinions on the way life is supposed to be lived. But truly I just like to make people think. That's something I've done my whole life. Because I myself am a big thinker and I love what it does for my life.

The cool thing about life is there is no right answer. If I were to describe my perfect day, it won't look anything like yours. But it's about each person finding their perfect everything  - day, month, year, life. Their perfect person, place to live, job. And finally, the perfect dream to dream. If you can find that and not give a shit about what anyone else thinks, I think you've done very well for yourself. Not that it matters what I think. But what I should have said is, I bet you're pretty damn happy. And let's be honest, that is all that really matters.

You've got the whole world in your hands (yes, I was watching Con Air while I was writing this"

What's your perfect world? And what do you have to do to get there?