Don't think you're better than us ? EH?

Six pounds of coffee later... Thank you to everyone who sent packages. Pretty awesome. I think I'm good with coffee for the rest of the year now. So, if anyone needs other ideas, I mean, I guess I can make a list:

Gummy bears Peanut Butter Fluff Easter candy Double stuffed oreos

(I know, I know, I'm such a health nut!)

Anyway, the blog has suffered due to my new extensive social life. Usually, I'm not one to socialize much. I don't like that many people. Yeah, big secret there. But I have friends here. Shocking!

Last weekend we (Lydia, me, the Aussies and one of our Danish teammates) took a trip to Copenhagen and Malmo. There we met up with Alyssa Naeher  (who somehow has more Twitter followers than me, so please don't give her any extra) - but she took a plane in from Potsdam for the weekend to hang out with me.

After a night out in Copenhagen, we went to Malmo to see Canada vs. Sweden and enjoy a mini Penn State reunion with Carmelina Moscato and Erin McLeod. Super fun. Even though Sweden beat Canada, it was still cool to see an international game live. Even if it was freezing. And Carm didn't get us box seats. Still awesome.

Regardless, the weekend was eventful. More so than the usual daily musings from Hjorring anyway.  Lots of travel, lots of laughs. Mostly laughing at the weird shit the Aussies say.

A few things I learned from the weekend: 

1. If I never learn how to drive stick, I'll never have to drive while I'm here :) (sorry Lyds)

2. Subway ingredients are the same here as back home

3. If you see a skum, you must distinguish them (easy enough)

4. I also learned more about this

old law

that I'm not really good at following (oops)

 After the weekend, we had to come back to run the Beep Test.

Which was like so fun.

We had a few training sessions and now two days off for the holiday weekend here. Apparently the whole town shuts down, so I had to stock up on Cup O Noodles and Coke. So, yeah, Mom, don't worry, I'm good.

What else?

We have our first big game on Monday. We travel to Copenhagen to play Brondby (the No. 1 team in the league). There might even be a stream to watch the game. Not to get anyone's hopes up. But if that's the case I'll post it on Twitter or Facebook for everyone.

(I'll be the one wearing a headband)

That's all for now. Don't miss me too much.

Peace, I'm outta here!