Going back to blogging, blogging


I'm sure this is the longest I've ever gone without blogging. I'm sure there's a good reason for that somewhere in my personal journals. But generally speaking, the reason for my return stems from my need to share. Because I have a lot of (what I consider) knowledge and I'm really funny. The world deserves that. Also, my latest book endeavor is that of a Jim Morrison biography.More than a massive rock star, Jim Morrison was a writer and poet and recorded all of his thoughts in notebooks, even from a very young age. After he graduated from UCLA, he got rid of all of his notebooks.  And he had this to say about it, "There's nothing I can think of that I'd rather have in my possession right now than two or three of those lost notebooks. I wrote in those notebooks night after night. But maybe if I hadn't thrown them away, I'd never have written anything original… I think if I'd never gotten rid of them, I'd never [have] been free."

I think he could have benefitted from maybe putting them in a safe or giving them to someone to hold onto, but regardless, there was a part of him that wanted them back at one point. I'm certain he wasn't the only one who would have loved to read those notebooks.

Why so much on The Doors frontman? Well, aside from being a drugged out loose cannon, the guy was a genius. And I love geniuses. Not because I am one or anything (though some may argue that, and I'm totally up for hearing the debate) but because those kinds of geniuses are so damn intriguing.

What is a genius? "A person with exceptional ability, esp of a highly original kind."

Seems simple enough. It makes you wonder why we can't just put some words down on paper and have people lined up on the street to read it. Only to forget it. And need to read it again. But that's not the case. Nothing I write is out of the ordinary or genius. And I'm okay with that. I wasn't for a long time. Because I have this "problem" with having to be great at everything I do. And I couldn't fathom why my blog wasn't one of the best on the internet yet.

At times this would deter me from writing publicly. I felt more of a genius in my personal journal because every time I would write that last period (as if I were hitting publish on my blog) I felt like I had just wrote this century's best work. And there was no way for anyone else to argue that. No stats on my blog. No comment section to leave blank. I was content knowing it was my piece of genius.

So I've returned to the public forum with a different mission. Not to prove to the world that I'm a genius, because all my genius work stays in my personal journal (obviously). But instead to share. I have ideas. I have things that work for me that might work for you. I have goals and dreams and things to say that I don't' have time to text everyone I know about. They're nothing earth shattering. But they're mine. And I love the idea that what's mine can be yours and vice versa.

The world is filled with more opinions than ever before. Everyone is an "expert" on how to find the right person, how to get fit, how to sleep better or eat healthier. Truthfully, there's only one thing that we are all experts on and that's being ourselves. That's all we can be the best at anymore. The challenge we have as people is to know ourselves well enough to outwardly explain our thoughts, feelings and actions in a way that make people understand who we are. Because for the most part, we suck at that.

Sometimes my thoughts don't make sense. Sometimes they are irrational and unconventional and my sentences aren't even complete. I don't think it matters though. I'm going to write and someone will read and maybe we'll connect on some level that wouldn't have existed had I not tried to figure myself out.

Jim Morrison didn't care what people thought. He did his own thing and didn't care to be like the rest and look at the magical music he wrote.

Today, it seems like everyone is trying to stand out and be different, but does anyone ever take the time to figure out why? Would be cool to know some times.

I'm not sure. Maybe they do. I know I don't analyze enough. I don't know a lot of things about myself still. But I'm going after it… me. In a time where we can easily access anything we want about anyone in the world, we should be internally Google searching ourselves.

For now, this is all I know…

I don't want to wake up one day wishing I had notebooks that never even existed. I want to wake up knowing everything about myself and if I forget, I can read it in my old books. Because I do forget.

What I'm trying to say here is that I'm going to be writing more. So maybe just keep your eye out, k?