So Sick, but not of love songs

"Why did you do an intro post for a blog you've had for a while now?"Because I do what I want.

"No for real, why?" Truthfully, I do better under pressure. By saying I was going to do something, I kind of, have to do it.


I've had a lot of time to sit around and think the past couple of days. I've been sick. Really sick.

If I tell you what happened… Eh, forget it, I'll just tell you.

I have some mild bronchitis. My cough has been intense enough to keep my cat away. As well as most of the humans in my life. So I went to the walk in. I got some meds. I was on the path to recovery. Things were golden.

Until the meds hit me too hard. I was sick to my stomach. I was in the bathroom and thought I fell asleep to take a nap (yes in the bathroom). I felt really peaceful actually. Until a rush of water hit my face and my mom was trying to wake me up. Apparently I passed out and hit my head on the bath tub. Sounds like a drunken disaster, but no this is real life. My mom called 911 and I spent a few hours in the hospital with her.

But I'm okay.  No concussion or anything. Because I'm a warrior. No, just kidding. I'm not a warrior. I'm a big baby and this sucks. I'm just lucky I'm 30 years old and still live with my mom.I've been in bed for like four days still coughing.

Fortunately, this whole thing has given me time to slow down and relax a little.

The past few months have looked a little like this:


I have found during this time how much I enjoy coaching and the impact it has as I continue to grow as a player myself. Every time I tell a player to work harder on the field or track back for the ball, a lazy bone in my body dies. It's kind of impressive. It's also impressive how inspiring these young players can be for their coaches. I never in a million years would have thought that, until I got to know them.

Seeing how hard they work and how big some of them dream is truly motivation for me to continue doing the same.

The coolest experience I've had so far with coaching is the idea that the more I put into it, the more they get out of it. It's no longer about putting in the work for myself. All the work I put in is for the success of the players. This takes a totally different mindset because as a professional athlete, I'm quite used to everything being all about me. I have been humbled by the experience and I kind of like it.

I do step on the field every once in a while and remind them what's up. But other than that, it's their show. I have my own training during the day, so I'm getting what I need. Now I'm just able to turn off that professional athlete mentality and focus on the young career's of about 60 kids.

It's awesome. If you're a player and don't like coaching, try putting everything you have into it for a little while. When you see the players improve and enjoy the game, it's a special, special thing.

End rant. Until next time.