Runaway (to) Train(ing)

As I might have mentioned, I still live at home. Mostly because I know deep down it would crush my mom for me to move out. (wink face)


My cousins live down the street. They have a 2-year-old. His name is Mikey. He is pictured here. 

During the day, they work. During the day, my mom babysits him. During the day, if I'm home, I hang out with a 2-year-old.

Aside from a 28-year age difference, we actually have a lot in common. We annoy my mother. We watch movies on the computer. We take selfies. We play the (fake Guitar Hero) guitar and pretend we're rockstars. We play dress up. We play soccer in the house. The usual.

The biggest difference I've noticed between Mikey and me is that when I'm tired I have no problem admitting it. When he's tired, he is in complete denial. And isn't afraid for everyone to know it.

Putting him down for a nap is harder than convincing a ref to change his mind on a call. Truly, impossible at times. But I think he gets some kind of joy out of it. And of course I laugh. Because honestly, kids do the funniest things sometimes and I know it's wrong, but I can't help it.

Today I asked Mikey to ask my mom why she has a porcelain rabbit in the house. For ten minutes straight Mikey then said, "why is bunny there?" (lolz) My mom wasn't amused. Obviously, I was.

(I still don't know why we have it in the house.)

I'm unsure exactly what Mikey is like when he gets home. I know there are several things I have taught him that may not be ideal in public situations. For example, we sing a song called "Diarrhea In My Pants" which he blurted out at his grandmother's house during dinner one night. It's catchy if you sing it in an Opera-like way. And sometimes, he does have it in his diaper, so it's not like it's a lie or anything.


Anyway, I'm sure there will be many stories about Mikey to come, but he had to get a proper introduction and I think I did great to paint a picture of what he's all about. 

As for me… tonight I'm sitting home alone. When my mom leaves the house she usually leaves one of us in charge for the night. Since I've been sick, Simba (the cat) has been left in charge. So I'm not sure how I'm getting dinner just yet.

I've also been told to stay home because I'm not ready to brave the real world just yet (still sick). Several times I've thought about sneaking out to go watch my team's training session outside. I then thought how I must be in the minority on that one. And stayed in bed. Whatever. It gave me a clever title at least.

I'm off to find dinner and hope that Simba allows me to use the stove tonight. #rude

Come back soon!