Anozer New Country

I think it's time I start writing some more. So here's an introduction.

I just finished my first week in Denmark. Hjorring to be exact. With the line through the "o" and all. It has been somewhat uneventful in terms of physical activity. But you know that always means more mental activity! Yay! Thoughts!

I actually saw a quote on Twitter that I really enjoyed, but can't remember it word for word. Something about preferring to be alone with your own intelligent thoughts than in the company of stupidity. 

I hope some of my friends take offense to this and become smarter. Haha, just kidding. I don't think anyone I hang out with is stupid, but that's because a staple in my life is not being in situations I don't want to be in. People are always saying "ugh, I don't want to go to lunch with so and so" or "I have to go to this thing for a friend that I promised I'd go to" ... ahhh, insanity. I know we always have to do stuff we don't want to do, but people, it's okay to say no and not put yourself in situations where you don't want to be!

Okay, enough lecturing. Back to my thoughts.

I have been alone most of the time here. We've only had one training session. All the players are either at Algarve or with youth national teams. So, it's been nice to adjust at my own pace. I've had time to unpack and clean my apartment, cook some meals, get lost on my bike, drink instant coffee, take pictures of the gym equipment to plan workouts (got a lot of looks during that), enjoy my Yoga DVD, watch soccer for hours and hours on TV, use Danish words as American swear words (grocery store called Fakta = motha fakta), cringe while receiving texts from home (they're not free my friends, and I'm not responding), see the fees on my debit card from using it as if I was home and tons of other stupid shit.

Today, I will be getting some of the important things taken care of ... like registering as a citizen and stuff. I heard as soon as you register you are able to speak Danish. I am hoping this is true.

We have training tonight which is the highlight of every day. Soccer is the thing that makes the world go round. Well, my world anyway.

There will be more where this came from.

Ps. Forgot to mention that if you're trying to bring an electric/heated blanket overseas and think the converter will do the trick, no.

Sparks flew.

Electric blanket has become, simply, blanket.

Ciao for now brown cow.