Swag? What dat?

Back again? Yep. How much more is there to say after a day?

Oh, there's always so much my friends.

Yesterday I woke up at 6am and realized how much more I can get done if I wake up earlier. I know, I know, most people do that on the regular, well, you know what, I'm impressed. It's not easy, but it is worth it.

So then I had more time for Yoga!!

Okay, I'll be honest. When I do my Yoga DVD (Yoga Conditioning for Athletes) I really have no idea if I'm doing it right. Oh well. I just like counting it as a workout.

So I have been doing the Yoga thing more often. Feels nice. And dennn. I didn't have to go to register as a citizen or whatever it's called. So, that freed up my already pretty free day even more. I was able to do a number on Our Game Magazine and girlsCAN Football, you know, my other jobs outside of football.  And if you didn't know, what the hall?

And denn. I have another American here. Her name is Lydia Vandenbergh. She probs needs some followers, so hook it up. It's nice to have someone who gets my jokes. And company I guess. But I'm sure she will be in this adventurous blog a bit. So, maybe I'll let her introduce herself one day.

And denn. We had training!

It was fabulous. We played for most of it. 4v2, 4v4, 5v5 ... just playing. It felt good. The air was a bit colder than I'm used to (well, I've been training indoors most of the winter, so a lot colder) but I'm getting used to it. We are still missing most of our players and will be until the weekend. Will be cool to see the whole team together.

And denn. (I think that is Danish for "and then" btw) (haha, just kidding. It's from the movie Dude, Where's My Car)

I met with the coach after. He was pretty awesome. Asked me questions like how do I like to be yelled at on the field and what I can bring to the team. He then mentioned how he wants the team to play like Barcelona, which I loved and I told him quickly I was the Xavi he was looking for.

We then talked a bit about confidence and having that edge to win and he asked about mine and I said "I'm American, winning is all I know... and confidence, have you ever heard of swag?"

He hadn't heard of it but said he would look it up and he was very interested in it! ;)

After the meeting it was a blistering cold bike ride back to the apartment. Luckily Lydia led the way, because obviously direction is not my thing. (while traveling, not in life)

No more and den!