What's worse than snow? One thing.

Let's see, what do I have for you today.

Yesterday we had the day off. And I needed groceries. And couldn't get in touch with the Norwegian with the car, also known as Lisa Marie Woods. So, Lydia and I biked it to Fakta and had to lug our stuff back. I really felt bad for myself. I thought, oh life, why are you so difficult sometimes? Then I saw a photo of someone who had it a little worse, and changed my tune.

After we got our groceries, the snow began to pile up. I thought it was a joke, naturally. But it was real.

Eh, it wasn't that bad. We went out to shop a little. Found some new sweats. For those of you who know me, you know how happy new sweats make me. And for those of you who didn't know... now you know, reader.

After shopping we went home ... where I was able to wear my new sweats, light my new candle, and chill at my little work station.

I find it extremely peaceful here and even though I miss my mom yelling at me to make my bed sometimes, I kind of forgot what it's like to hear my own thoughts so often.

Like " Tiff, brush your damn teeth you lazy shit" or "No one else is going to do the dishes, you do realize this right?" ... ahh. Yeah, I definitely miss my mom yelling!

No, but on the serious. It's amazing to be able to reevaluate your life from time to time. A change of scenery totally does this for me. People probably don't realize how much they do from day to day until they are able to step out of it for a bit. Definitely something worth trying if you are more of a routine person. It's very, what's the word, reinvigorating.

Okay what else? This morning we had lifting with our trainer, Ashley. He is a very limber older man who reminds me much of a fitter, cooler Mr. Rogers. Except I'm not really digging his neighborhood. The gym isn't my favorite place. It's just not. I'd rather be on the field with the ball.

So, he was speaking Danish to one of the girls and I don't even try to listen when this is happening. As one can imagine I was off in my own world thinking about what I was having for breakfast... and their convo went something like "kadjfkdah;gajeiwjfdkfjdalkj beep test akfjdlkafjal;sfjdsal;"

Ermm. Excuse me?

My heart. My poor, poor heart.

So I asked one of the girls what exactly was going on... and lo and behold, we will be running that damn thing here. When I escaped from the U.S. I thought it was over between us. But nah.

Anyway, I won't dwell on it... today.

Moving forward. Oh, wait. Moving backward. It was pretty cold the other night after training. I showered and didn't want to take the towel off my head. So, I didn't.

Brrr. (btw how cool is my bike!?)

Okay. Today is nicer and the snow is probably going to melt. Which rules. Because we practice outside.

And I bought a coffee maker. So, if anyone wants to send me some Dunkin Donuts, I will accept.

That's all for now brown cow.